Game of Thrones – Top Five ‘OMG’ Moments… So Far

With Game of Thrones set to return to our screens on July 16th it seems only fitting to take a moment to remember some of those best moments that had you on the edge of the seat, clutching a loved one or screaming at the television over the last six seasons.

  1. The Battle of Hardhome – “Hardhome” – S5 E8

Jon Snow travels far beyond the wall to meet more Wildlings and bring them back to Westeros to protect them from the coming winter. With the entire episode focused on this we see the dynamics and fear ruling people’s lives culminating in a breathless 10 minutes of utter carnage. Whilst Jon’s fight with the White Walker is impressive, the stand out moment is the silent two minutes at the end as we, and Jon, look straight into the eyes of evil.

  1. Dracarys – “And Now His Watch Has Ended” – S3 E4

Daenerys story is full of long period of inactivity then a flash of brilliance revealing how shrewd she is and just how far she’ll go to take the Iron Throne. As she prepares to sell one of her beloved dragons and lead a slave army she appears to be floundering but as she begins to speak the ancient words of valyrian it is revealed she is playing the great game. In a flurry of violence and fire she brings freedom to thousands and herself one step closer to victory.

Daenerys at the head of her new army.
  1. Tyrion escapes King’s Landing – “The Children” – S4 E10

A brutal trial by combat could not save Tyrion from being sentenced for the poisoning of King Joffrey and so he waits, alone, in the dungeons of Kings Landing for his execution. But as Jamie and Varys appear to save him Tyrion uses his freedom first to exact some revenge against his father who has wronged him in so many ways. As Tywin sits on the privy a tense encounter is finished by two bolts from Joffrey’s crossbow in an empowering moment for Tyrion’s character.

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  1.  The Red Wedding – “The Rains of Castamere” – S3 E9

When you see this scene for the first time abject horror is all you can feel. The King in the North, Robb Stark, is beating the Lannisters back whilst enjoying married life with his new, and now pregnant, wife. Yet in this episode we are reminded of Game of Thrones’ toughest lesson; do not grow attached to characters or think they are safe for a moment. What ensues was the most shocking Game of Thrones moment right until the end of season 6…

Caitlyn Stark before the Lannisters ‘paid their regards’.
  1. The Mad Queen? – “The Winds of Winter” – S6 E10

Cersei’s malevolence had grown so much throughout the season and so had fans suspense as they knew she was planning something inconceivable to restore her image and destroy the High Sparrow. With the beautiful soundtrack in the background her plan all falls into place until it reaches its zenith with a flurry of children wielding knives, a devastating explosion of wild fire and Cersei taking the Iron Throne with Clegane at her side. Jamie may have killed the Mad King but can he kill the Mad Queen?

By Arran Byers

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