Geostorm: Sharknado meets The Day After Tomorrow

Gerard Butler’s latest film is not destined to be a great, nor is destined to be in theaters, if at all any, for very long. In fact this film seems to be based on a similar premise to the fairly well received The Day After Tomorrow yet with the laughable but strange cult-classic Sharknado as the creative influence.

Geostorm is set in a time when the people of Earth, as always with this genre of disaster film led by the United States, can control their weather and make natural disasters a thing of the past. Butler is a lead scientist behind the programme, struggling to balance his work with being a single father (clearly they hope that will win him brownie points like it did in Interstellar).

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But of course with such a powerful piece of equipment there has to be an element of jeopardy; the satellites controlling the weather are vulnerable to hijacking and misuse. So against the back drop of ‘geostorms’, dramatically announced by one character, there probably will be two story lines as Butler tries to stop the satellites in space and others on Earth set out to apprehend the President as he has the control codes. Perhaps the President is the culprit, will he be an enemy sleeper agent or working on behalf of evil businesses?

The space scenes look reminiscent of the quality in Iron Sky.

None of this sounds terribly captivating or original, the space scenes for instance look like a poor rehash of Gravity and its awe-inspiring staging yet looks clunky and more Space Balls than Oscar material. So look out for Geostorm on Netflix in a couple of months when its another quick to home release film and be sure to get some beers, it will be a fun watch.

By Arran Byers

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