Netflix Picks: July 2017

The temperature is hotting up but on those days when the heat is too much or, if you are in the UK, the rains dampen your day then why not watch our Netflix Picks for July 2017!

District 9

From 2009, District 9 is an original story written and directed by Neill Blomkamp with the producing expertise of Peter Jackson to boot. Styled as a mockumentary come socio-political commentary come sci-fi flick this film has something for everybody, ranging from bureaucracy to mech-suits and guns.

Whilst it can be heavy going and at times too fast paced for its own good the film conveys a strong message. Furthermore it shows that South African film making is up and coming with a definite and emotive understanding of its divided history that only adds to this film.

Reggie Yates’ Extreme

Originally a BBC Three series, Reggie Yates’ Extreme follows BBC radio DJ and personality Reggie Yates as he travels the globe, primarily South Africa and Russia, to explore huge topics such as homophobia and knife crime. Styling his method of enquiry on Louis Theroux somewhat Reggie Yates encounters many characters; some intolerant, some massively deprived and others the manifestation of societal evils.

DJ Reggie Yates has also been involved in other documentaries, one involved him being incarcerated in jail.

Whilst Reggie at times does not pursue matters as well and as thoroughly as Louis Theroux, his cool and relaxed style makes this a worthwhile series to watch. The episodes in Russia are particularly notable as they engage with people who are at times uncomfortable with Reggie, who is of Ghanaian descent, an he handles this with the up most skill to further his investigation.

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Rick and Morty

With series three on the horizon it’s time you brush up on where we are up to or if you are new to the programme then sit down, ready your drinks and pile through the 20 minute episodes. One of the best Adult Swim programmes in recent years this wonderfully crass animated series adds to Netflix’s other greats, Archer and Bojack Horseman.

Rick and Morty in action across dimensions using their portal gun.

The story-lines are ridiculous, the characters are absurd and every episode is mind bending yet the show is hilarious, producing a plethora of quotes and favourite moments from not just the titular characters, Rick and Morty. Watch out for “Get Schwifty” in particular and “I’m Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!”.

The ‘Burbs

A bizarre comedy from 1989 starring the Tom Hanks and the late Carrie Fischer in which Mr Petersons, Hanks, takes some much needed time of work only to discover suburbia is not the refuge he thought. The humour is atypical of films from the era but The ‘Burbs is notable enough to highlight as it mocks the middle class suburbia lifestyle and shows it for what it is; nosing on neighbours and their inferior lifestyles.

Whilst containing some horror elements, the film is perfect for a Sunday afternoon sat on the couch with all the family when you need something enjoyable and universal.

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By Arran Byers

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