Trouble in the USA – Film and TV’s Alternatives for US President

As President Trump’s approval rating drops to 30 this week after only 6 months in the White House we take a look at Presidents of the United States of America from Film and TV and wonder if they could do better? 

President Marshall (Harrison Ford) – Air Force One

President Marshall is perhaps the perfect candidate to take up the Oval Office. When his private jet, Air Force One, is hijacked by Gary Oldman and his motley crew of Russian terrorists President Marshall must lead the armed resistance on the plane. Not only is Marshall full of quips but he can disarm terrorists and easily transitions into a guerilla fighter who just happens to have the handy toy box of the US military to play with. Also I bet Trump can’t beat up Gary Oldman!

Lead a global peace process and disarm a terrorist: get a man who can do both.

Hank Scorpio (Albert Brooks) – The Simpsons – ‘You Only Move Twice’

An outside choice as Hank Scorpio never was President but a man who can seize the East Coast of the USA with a super-laser and crack team of nuclear technicians lead by Homer Simpson deserves a mention. As President Hank would surely excel, given his love of hammocks and ability to stop the greatest spy in the world, Mr. Bont.

President Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis) – Lincoln

Whilst this is technically cheating we have to give a mention to perhaps the greatest portrayal of a former-US President in a film of all time. President Lincoln has some considerable achievements to his name that make more modern Presidents look rather uninspiring and is one of the most written about and quoted figures in history.

President Richmond (Gene Hackman) – Absolute Power

President Richmond portrays himself as a empathetic, strong leader with very powerful friends to help him at any turn. However, within he is a sexually violent man with no limits to his power and an entourage determined to cover up his crimes including murder. Asides from the murder it does sound very familiar….

President Harris (Leslie Nielsen) – Scary Movie 3

The only President to ever beat up teenage girls and appear naked before the UN is surely a good candidate to replace President Trump should things go wrong. He can also forge a bond of friendship with aliens through their shared biology (that is they both pee from their fingers).

President Underwood (Kevin Spacey) – House of Cards

No President in US history has worked as hard as this man to get to that role and done so much to keep it and make it his. Perhaps the most impressive part of President Underwood is his wife, Vice-President Underwood, with whom he makes a team that can take on any foe and could given any government a run for its money.

Being such a ruthless man makes him a great President. Right?

President Beck (Morgan Freeman) – Deep Impact

As Earth faces the dearth and destruction brought on by a meteor, President Beck calmly addresses his people and oversees the tough but necessary operation of getting those needed for the future to safety. To boot he dispatches Robert Duvall starring as an astronaut commander to try and take on the meteor showing his bravery too.

President Whitmore (Bill Pullman) – Independence Day

“We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!  We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!” – if you don’t get goosebumps when President Whitmore, ready to fight in his fighter pilot gear, delivers this rousing speech you have no soul.

They destroyed his home and place of work so he got himself an F-15 jet fighter and blew up their spaceship… good policy!

President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) – The West Wing

Perhaps the most popular Democratic President in living memory, President Bartlet served two terms whilst fighting multiple sclerosis, terrorists from Qumar and wrestling with a Republican dominated house. His stoicism and wit have made him a people’s favourite who many wish could take up the Oval Office today.

Which film or television President do you think should replace President Trump? When will their finally be a female President in real life or on the silver screen? Let us know on our Twitter or Facebook

By Arran Byers



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