OMG: American Gods Episode 5 – Lemon Scented You

So much praise for this episode. This is where the show deviates a great deal, story-wise, from the novel in ways that work in the show’s advantage.

The episode starts slowly, betraying the volumes of story about to occur. Shadow and Laura’s delayed reunion is worth the wait, bittersweet and full of emotionally raw moments between the two.

Mr Wednesday.jpg

Shadow and Mr. Wednesday’s sudden arrest is the show’s jumping point and it transitions into new, brilliantly handled territory. The New Gods are given a much larger role than they had in the novel, with the enigmatic—and somewhat creepy—Mr. World (played by Crispin Glover) showing up much sooner with much more importance.

Gillian Anderson deserves all of the awards for her performance as Media, who has become a far bigger player in the series than she was in the novel. Media and Mr. World’s interactions are loaded with telling moments and subtleties about who Mr. World really is. (Don’t know? Seriously, go read the book.) More overt indications on Wednesday’s true identity are present as well.

Biggest complaint? There should have been more screen time for Anansi by now.

The New Gods being set up for a bigger role leaves so much of the show’s future uncertain, as the novel is only a launching point now with much more to explore.

Overall Rating: Divine. Brilliant in its storytelling and evolution from the source material, “Lemon Scented You” is a signpost on how evolving one medium into another should work.

By Phil Gorski


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