OMG: American Gods Episode 4 – Git Gone

Warning: this episode’s not for the squeamish. You’ve been warned. Also: a backstory-centric episode already? Forgivable in this case- if only because ‘Git Gone’ is loaded with character development.

The Laura Moon of the American Gods novel spends the duration of the story raised from the dead, causing havoc for the sake of Shadow’s safety. Emily Browning’s Laura Moon is a grim, dark character, just as prone to moments of self-destruction as she is moments of emotion. She is ultimately cold and calculating. Given her uniqueness within the plot it is fun, if uncharted, territory. Laura’s beliefs in nothing act as a powerful counter to this deity-filled series.

Small complaints: Shadow comes off as a small-time criminal and a big-time idiot in this episode, and the original meeting between Laura and Shadow in the novel feels less like the two are sparring. Also: Dane Cook as Robbie? The role doesn’t exactly fit like a glove.

Plenty of gross-out factor with Laura’s point-of-view killing of Technical Boy’s flunkies as well as the small matter of expelling embalming fluid from every orifice possible.

More Jacquel (Anubis) and Ibis, (the narrator of Coming to America stories), owners of a funeral home, show up earlier than in the novel and help put Laura back together for her reunion with Shadow. Jacquel is understandably pissed with Laura for not staying dead, but makes it clear she’ll be leaving to Nothing soon enough.

Overall Rating: Git Gone carefully weaves new threads of the American Gods story into the existing material. Not without its flaws, but still exceptional.

By Phil Gorski

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