OMG: American Gods Episode 2- The Secret of Spoons

OMG: American Gods examines each episode in a way similar to Starz’ marketing of the series – in a minimalist style. 

A short, precisely-chosen selection of scenes recaps the abundance audiences saw in episode one. The changes in dialogue, order of events, and characters begin to make more sense. If the show played out as the novel did without any additions or rearrangement, it would be over in a season. Two at the absolute max.

Orlando Jones features as fiery purveyor of social commentary, Compe Anansi and it’s a powerful start to the episode with Anansi’s ‘Coming to America’ story.

Audiences are introduced to Zorya Utrennyaya and Zorya Verchernyaya, old gods of Slavic origin, and Czernobog, who is also of Slavic origin. An Ifrit, who only appeared in one of the brief departures from Shadow’s point of view in the novel, also makes an early appearance (possibly one of many). Bilquis makes a return with a substantial number of worshippers, but even for Starz the sex scenes are kept tasteful and not over-the-top.

Wednesday and Czernobog’s uneasy friendship is set up well, with a good blend of comedic and tense moments.

Overall rating – The Secret of Spoons has some penance to do for moments of weak dialogue, but ultimately redeems itself as a solid episode.

American Gods is available to watch exclusively via Starz in the US and Amazon in the UK. For more Maverick Film like our Facebook page.

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