OMG: American Gods Episode 1 – The Bone Orchard


OMG: American Gods examines each episode in a way similar to Starz’ marketing of the series – with a minimalist approach.

Adjustments were made to help translate the exposition-rich novel American Gods into a television show, with a beautiful title sequence featuring a totem pole of faith and modern objects of worship. The series begins with a Coming to America segment showcasing the arrival of the Vikings and their beliefs in America, setting viewers up for a show not always centered on Shadow Moon, the main protagonist. Alternatively, the Vikings and their struggles are undercut by exaggerated, buckets-of-blood violence. Updates to characters from the novel, which is now somewhat dated, make sense: Bilquis, an old god, now uses dating sites to find potential worshippers, while Technical Boy is no longer the fat techie of yesteryear but a slim, trendy one who travels in a limo housed in a virtual reality helmet. This sets up viewers for more relatable situations while giving those familiar with the novel a new twist on familiar scenes. Brilliant casting choices all around, save for Low Key Lyesmith who comes across Jared Leto-as-the-Joker-esque.

Overall Rating: The Bone Orchard is prophetic of good things to come of Starz’s American Gods.

By Phil Gorski

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