Thor: Ragnarok – New Enemy, New Hair, Same Loki

Thor: The Dark World didn’t exactly set the bar high, even by the standards set by some of the lousier superhero movies (looking at you, Spider-Man 3). Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster felt like a throw-away character, used to help drive the plot forward. Loki was trotted out as a fan-favorite, with people losing the minds over Tom Hiddleston. Christopher Eccleston played Malekith the Easily Forgotten (his actual title was the Accursed, for those of you who, like me, would have had to Google that). Overall, it was like filler until the next big Marvel film came out, and it could have been so much better.

That’s where Thor: Ragnarok comes into play. Ragnarok’s trailers promise a film with all of the proper epic scale adventure and drama that comic book movies should offer. Audiences are treated to Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, being shattered by Hela. Thor visually falling from grace. Loki returning…yet again (willing to let that slide because everything else looks very promising).

Despite how little there is to go off currently we can really deconstruct the teaser for some possible ideas of what’s to come.

Thor is in chains, giving the standard, tongue-in-cheek monologue about how he got there is a long story. Previous films established that Thor is capable of humor, both intentional and in the nutty way (Asgardians don’t really understand things like social norms). It sets up the narrative of the teaser, which showcases quite a lot for what little time it runs. Hela is new, and quite terrifying from the looks of things given that she shatters one of the mightiest weapons in all of existence and then appears to be responsible for Asgard burning.

Thor: Ragnarok looks promising at this point, it looks likely to be far more than what has been teased.

Thor is promptly captured, then forced to battle in gladiator-stylized fights (presumably to the death, and for entertainment), and all of his hair gets chopped off. His battle with the Incredible Hulk, which Thor responds to with a resounding cheer initially followed by saying how he knows Hulk from work, is possibly the one of the highlights as it really captures the humour and style of these films. It’s so over-the-top ridiculous, so delightful and cartoonish, that it’s suddenly easy to forgive Marvel for Thor: The Dark World and squandering Christopher Eccleston on what may have been the most boring villain in the Cinematic Universe.

All things considered, however, audiences only have a teaser trailer to go off of at this time, and it’s not uncommon for studios to go all-in for a solid trailer and end up with little more to show in the film beyond what has already been seen. That said Thor: Ragnarok looks promising at this point, it looks likely to be far more than what has been teased. Until November, perhaps be sure to say an extra prayer to Odin this doesn’t go the way of Mjolnir in the teaser trailer.

By Phil Gorski

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