An Address from President Underwood…

“The American people don’t know what’s best for them, I do”. President Frank Underwood is back and this time there is no room for the overrated democracy that America so proudly boasts. No, they need a leader that will lead and rule them like a King. But how long can this constitutional despot remain on the throne?

Season Four of Netflix’s House of Cards showed us that President Underwood is vulnerable, the enemies that move against him are within the White House but on the streets. A bullet nearly brought him down and nearly cut the Presidency short but now Frank and Claire are set to take the elections by storm ensuring that the USA is firmly in the Underwood epoch.’s review of House of Cards Season Four

With both Underwood’s seemingly at peace with each other, the marriage turmoil behind them and now an election battle with the Conway’s of the Republican Party is all that stands in there way.  The trailer seems to indicate that the Underwood’s edge this election in the electoral college which leads to calls of “Not my President” as people, as they have done in 2016’s election, rebuke this 200 year old undemocratic system.

Democracy seems the biggest target as Frank speaks to Claire over the trailer, criticising the American people, aggrieved about how they must be taught what to do and do not simply follow their leaders wishes. This looks to become a violent struggle though as the people do not roll over, an attempt on Claire’s life seems likely or a violent riot or protest that plunges Washington D.C. into chaos and darkness. Claire’s value to Frank becomes more apparent as the trailer develops,  Frank looks set to unleash himself on those who threaten her and what sounds like a list of future elections she will run in going up to 2036 (those familiar with US constitutional law will know this means changing the law that restricts a President to two terms).

The battle lines are drawn but will Frank ignore them and fight his war on his own terms? Most likely he will.

This will be a dangerous road and season 5 looks set to be dramatic, whether it will be the last season or not is hard to tell but Frank’s dark past looks set to rear its head and could perhaps lead to an impeachment or a final ‘battle’ for his legacy. What we do know though is that with both Underwood’s working together, for now, us fans and our strange curiosity to see ‘just how far they can go’ will be satisfied.

We can all look forward to seeing the “One Nation, Underwood”.

By Arran Byers

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