Will Guardians of the Galaxy rise above the ‘Marvel fatigue’?

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 is on its way but before it hits cinemas let us consider how its Characters, now being draw more and more into the Marvel Cinematic Universe quagmire, are shaping up for this latest romp.

In the trailer Chris Pratt’s Starlord still cracks jokes and is miraculously difficult to kill. Dave Bautista’s Drax the Destroyer still takes everything very literally. Bradley Cooper shouts things and is clever as Rocket Raccoon. Zoe Saldana will continue to be tough-as-nails as Gamora. Karen Gillan will feature as Nebula and we can only hope her role is not as obscure or strange as the show that started her, Doctor Who, has become.

Oh. And there will apparently be five post-credits scenes, or so says the internet. That’s no longer a stinger, folks. That’s deleted scenes that were resurrected to keep people around well past the point the staff at the movie theater would like to have started cleaning up spilled popcorn and other miscellaneous mess.

A small confession: there is such a thing as Marvel Cinematic Universe burn-out, and I have finally achieved it. The storyline is creeping ever closer to Thanos bending all of creation to his will courtesy of the Infinity Gauntlet in Infinity Wars. That, however, is still some time away and studios will surely be announcing new spin-offs, R-rated variants, and so on between now and then.

In a sense, Marvel has reached a curious point in its Cinematic Universe. Marvel’s current vast, endless expansion feels like comparing the Jaws films (of which another is being made, apparently, because originality is dead and remakes are king) to Sharknado. In its prime, Jaws had gravity. It scared the hell out of people. In the same way that sharks have become an easy target for cinematic goofiness, superhero movies are no longer hit or miss in terms of quality; it’s more a matter now of just how many more there will be before something new comes of them. More R-rated films don’t count, by the way.

Will be in awe as we were with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 or heading for the exits in a hurry?

Marvel (and Disney) clearly have created a magnificent money-printing machine, and it’s understandable from a business viewpoint as to why they will keep on going until generations from now are watching the twentieth Avengers film and people are trying to sort out the increasingly convoluted plot threads. Those films will invariably have short films after them, each one at least a half an hour in length with varying relevance in regards to relevance to upcoming movies versus simply being additional silliness that didn’t quite make the cut for the actual film.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 looks promising, yes. The cast is great. The story seems promising. It’s just that there are so many damn superhero movies now and they’re all getting to be so similar that it’s hard to muster the enthusiasm for them anymore. Spoilers in advance: Starlord and company will save the galaxy again and go back to wacky misadventures. Thanos will likely get closer to his ultimate goal of… well, whatever he’s doing of in space somewhere.

On the plus side, Josh Brolin has been cast in Deadpool 2 as well so audiences can rest easy knowing he’ll still have work if Thanos proves to be a one-film wonder.

By Phil Gorski

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