Atomic Blonde Preview

Action hero meets Femme Fatale. That seems to be the thrust of the trailers for Atomic Blonde, which look to be a veritable orgy of high octane action, sultry blondes, and sexy French birds who, naturally, engage in gratuitous lesbian sex against the backdrop of 80s Berlin. Charlize Theron looks set to add another feather to her action movie cap as she fights, shoots and screws her way through the divided city looking to expose a double agent who’s tracking down and killing western agents.

Based on the 2012 graphic novel, The Coldest City, by Anthony Johnston, Atomic Blonde takes style over substance and runs with it, the trailers lining up to present us with pretty much every cliché in the book (maverick agent, inside job, using some poor bloke as a counter weight so you can jump out of a window, etc…) but who cares?

These trailers alone should be enough to give the film the edge needed to sustain critical momentum between now and its mid-summer release, but the slick style it presents looks to be just the tip of the iceberg.


Theron is on fire, and is joined by a formidable crop of actors including James McAvoy, Eddie Marsan, Toby Jones and John Goodman notching up the latest mark in his impressive renaissance (Starring in Patriots Day, Kong: Skull Island and 10 Cloverfield Lane in the last year or so), along with up and coming star Sofia Boutella (Star Trek Beyond, The Mummy).

Even if that weren’t the case, this film still looks to be great just for all the 80s nostalgia it brings forth as Porsches and Audis mix it up with Trabants to a backdrop of ridiculously lurid neon lighting and everyone from the bad guys to the Polizei being on the receiving end of a beating that seems as much about the collateral damage and just about believable action scenes (whether its whacking someone with your heel or getting up after a six foot bruiser has clonked you on the head with something heavy and shiny enough to make a metallic clang when you kick it out of his hand), but again who cares?

This isn’t the kind of film that’s meant to be taken that seriously, but rather one where the fact that nothing looks to make any sense is all part of the fun. Enjoy.

By Gareth Wood

Films that deserve a sequel, no matter how bonkers!

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