Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Review

Gather your senses, get a drink and get comfortable… its time for another Star Wars trailer and this time its quite the enigma.

The trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi  has been anticipated for a while, following the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on DVD this week it was surely a matter of time. And in true Star Wars fashion, appreciating the fans, the trailer emerged from the Star Wars fest in Florida.

This trailer is vastly different from The Force Awakens, less emphasis on tying the older franchise with the new but more about developing the plot line we find ourselves in now. So lets get to it, lets be ‘nerdy’ and look at some of the details of this trailer…

There is almost too much to talk about in this trailer, its packed yet feels empty as nothing is given away…

Firstly Luke is back so Mark Hamill will get a good fill of screen time. But Luke is not his hopeful, powerful self who brought balance to the force in The Return of the Jedi. Instead he is forlorn. Despondent about the future of the Jedi and the force, he no longer sees space for them in the order of the force. This leaves two possibilities. Either he is set to end the Jedi or he is waiting for his faith to be restored in the Jedi.

Given we see him beginning Rey’s training he seems to be in the latter state of mind, perhaps hoping she is the last Jedi that he cannot be. Rey is seen leaning over ancient Jedi texts and learning perhaps more about the nuisances of the force then others have before, fan theories are swirling that she may become a ‘grey Jedi’ who embraces the light and dark of the force. Whatever happens to Rey the incredible slow motion of the stones levitating is beautiful; if that’s all the force abilities we see in the film I might not complain.

Captain Phasma is back but its hard to tell if she survived her trip into the trash or whether this is a flashback.

For Luke this film will be the tale of his harrowing fall from grace, suggestions of a flashback or a dramatic scene in which the ancient Jedi temple or maybe a Resistance base is destroyed. The Resistance looks to be in for a pounding, if this film is to line up to its original trilogy equivalent then we can expect a lot of Empire Strikes Back vibes. The destruction of Poe Dameron’s ship could be a part of the epic space battle that looks likely to be chance for the First Order to avenge the Resistances far-to-simple destruction of Starkiller base.

As for Kylo Ren it seems far more mysterious, after murdering his father Han Solo his future is uncertain but his wounds from his battle with Rey will play a prominent part especially as his mask lies broken on the floor and he now looks to emerge from obscurity and Darth Vader’s shadow. An instruction from Snoke perhaps yet hard to say given his absence from the trailer (not even his voice features as it did for The Force Awakens).

There is almost too much to talk about in this trailer, its packed yet feels empty as nothing is given away and no new real tangible information can be taken from it. Importantly the question about Leia’s future is answered as we see Carrie Fisher’s famous silhouette presiding over a map of the galaxy. It will be a very poignant moment when it finally comes to write the Princess that captured the hearts of a generation out of the story.

Carrie Fisher will return in what will be her final film, released posthumously following her tragic death in December 2016.

So with the film not due till December expect much discussion on the film and its content to come. Fan theories within the first six hours of release covered topics from Jedi star-fighters to Anakin’s evil (eviler surely?) twin to Luke being a Sith so be prepared for some really long quite tedious and hard to follow Star Wars fanatic chat for the rest of the year!

By Arran Byers

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