Films that deserve a sequel, no matter how bonkers!

Recent discussions about Hollywood’s obsession with dragging a film out of the cupboard, dusting it off and re-making it have plagued the internet. It seems Hollywood is at a crossroads: keep re-making films and giving them sequels to make money or take a risk on an original story and see if it becomes something special.

That said some of us are curious to how some films would turn out when they become infected with ‘sequelitis’. So Hollywood listen up! Here is five ideas from MaverickFilm.Co:

  • Flash Gordon – Okay so Flash kinda of proved why it should never have a sequel when Sam J. Jones appeared in Ted, but come on, the cast are still alive, and wouldn’t we all put up with seeing what came after the question mark just to hear Brian Blessed shout ‘Gordon’s Alive’ one more time?
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – What happened after the man with no name walked off into the distance? The spaghetti westerns launched Clint Eastwood’s career, and while it would be funny to see how modern audiences might handle Dirty Harry, I can’t see a studio ever touching that character again. Instead we’d get a wonderfully ancient cowboy, equal parts grizzled and gritty, teach some young punk the proper way to stare down the barrel of a gun.

Westerns on the return?

  • Spaceballs – Mel Brooks has actually talked about this, even if it seems to have been a very well publicised joke around the time The Force Awakens came out, but somehow, given Hollywood’s addiction to updating timeless classics, what could be better than Spaceballs 2: The search for more money?


  • Dr Strangelove – Sure the world ended in a glorious monochrome montage of nuclear fireballs, and sadly Peter Sellers and George C. Scott aren’t around, but remember that talk of the mineshaft gap? Seeing what had become of the world a hundred odd years after Slim Pickens rode the bomb would definitely be worth a look, and more than a few people might look at Donald Trump and think of good old Major Kong.
  • Howard the Duck – Yes, he’s in the after credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy, and yes, hopefully, that’s where he’ll remain, but bringing back this 1986 bad egg would just be funny, if only to see how badly modern audiences would react to the sight of a grown woman trying to seduce a duck; which is just plain wrong.


By Gareth Wood

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