Oscars 2017 Predictions: Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Here is MaverickFilm.Co’s predictions for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role in our first article breaking down this years Oscar hopefuls into who should win and who will win.


Nominees: Viola Davis in Fences, Michelle Williams in Manchester by the Sea, Naomie Harris in Moonlight, Octavia Spencer in Hidden Figures and Nicole Kidman in Lion.

Viola Davis in Fences alongside Denzel Washington.

Who Should Win:

For me, there are two obvious front runners here – Viola Davis and Naomie Harris. Nicole Quite honestly I’m biased when it comes to Williams’ performance solely because I refuse to watch Manchester by the Sea due to my intense hatred of Casey Affleck. Kidman’s performance just seemed a little bit too ordinary to win, despite how touching it was and whilst I do love Octavia Spencer, her performance pales in comparison to the ex-co-star Davis. Davis and Harris both give versatile and heart-wrenching performances and I would happy to see either win.

Who Will Win:

So far, Viola Davis has managed a clean sweep of awards earning a Golden Globe, a SAG award and a BAFTA, and if I was a betting woman I’d put all my money on her.

By Morgan Jenkin

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