Netflix Picks – November 2016

November is coming to a close but before you resign yourself to the hysteria of the dreaded C-word, take a moment or many to watch something on Netflix that we have lovingly recommended.


Debuting in 2009 with a three part series following a gruesome spate of murders in modern day London, all eerily following the legend of infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper, this series turned heads. Its first series, only containing 3 hour-long epsidoes , was incredible. Even though the story was simply lifted from the pages of history, the performances were compelling and the atmosphere toed brilliantly between horror film and police drama, giving this age old London story a unnerving ‘realness’ to it.

No one knows truly who ‘Jack the Ripper’ was and ITV didn’t really get any nearer to solving it…

You’ll find on Netflix all four series of the show, totaling 18 episodes, and they do drop in quality as you go, the second series is definitely one you should skip for its abysmal portrayal of the Kray twins. After this point the show returns to much richer historical source material, looking at cases based on the historic crimes of London and the evil that, as many TV shows claim, runs through the city’s streets. Series three and four retain a certain darkness not seen in many UK police series aside from Luther; one could argue Whitechapel was ITV’s attempt to capitalise on the BBC’s success with Luther.

Check out our thoughts on Luther in our Netflix Picks from September 2016

So if you want another thriller to keep you up at night this month and make you question whether that man on the train reading books on cults and cannibalism is in fact a serial killer then go no further! Whitechapel is perfect but do take the latter episodes with a pinch of salt.


So if thrilling is not quite what you want but you certainly like spooky then Ghost is perfect for you. This film is really designed to be watched with a partner though so grab your loved one/winter romance/person you have bribed with a candle light dinner and settle in for two hours of a film not just about love; it contains poignant insights into coming to terms with grief, loss and the ever brilliant, Whoppi Goldberg.

One of our writers argues Whoopi Goldberg’s performance in Ghost is one of the Best of All Time…

Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore may be the pretty products of Hollywood but Goldberg carries this film, playing the role of a psychic who goes from fleecing strangers to medium for the deceased Sam, Swayze’s character, to incredible support for the two lovers as they have their final, belated, goodbye.

Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze get steamy listening to the Righteous Brother’s whilst making pottery… if that does not sell this film to you then nothing will!

Netflix have done well to acquire this film, another Oscar winner in their catalogue of films; Goldberg and Bruce Joel Rubin’s Screenplay receiving Oscars. So what more do you want from your Netflix and Chill film for the evening?! It has Oscars, beautiful music, pottery and Swayze’s charming face/torso (if that is your thing).

By Arran Byers

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