Netflix Picks- October 2016

It’s that time again, as we approach the end of October here’s some brilliant Netflix highlights well worth your time…

Beast of No Nation


A Netflix original film and the best piece of Netflix original content yet, Beast of No Nation is gut wrenching, heart breaking and gripping. Idris Elba is masterful in his performance as the twisted African warlord at the tale’s centre, equally impressive though is Abraham Attah who plays the boy turned child-soldier, Agu.

Beast of No Nation is really Agu’s story and Attah is immense in playing the lead role. Aged only 15 as they were filming he conveys the complex emotions of a young boy forced into an uncompromising, exploitative and combative adult world.

Beast of No Nation is a unique film, it doesn’t shirk its duties in portraying the real grittiness of an African civil war or of child soldiery. The result is breath taking but also immensely upsetting. It’s a must see.

Take a look at our full review here- Beast of No Nation: Review


Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall.jpg

Starring Damien Lewis as Henry VIII and Mark Rylance as Thomas Cromwell, his astute but vulnerable advisory, Wolf Hall is a television triumph.

Rylance’ performance is deeply memorable and the series tells an amazing historical story, based on the book of the same name by Hilary Mantel Wolf Hall tracks some of the most ground breaking early periods of Henry VIII’s reign, including his marriage to Anne Boleyn. It’s not another lazy trawl through the full, overly familiar marriage saga, instead the years it chooses to show the viewer are selected with surgical precision and make the story feel fresh despite the fact you were likely taught it in school.

The whole series was filmed using only natural light.

Damien Lewis is also pivotal in his suitably Kingly portrayal of Henry himself, but Rylance’ Thomas Cromwell is the heart of the series. We follow his journey through the turbulent politics of being close to such an unpredictable and powerful man, variously fearing for his safety and basking in his triumphs.

Wolf Hall captures its historical setting perfectly and this adds another layer to the viewers’ immersion. The whole series was filmed using only natural light and some of the resulting shots are beautiful, they carry off a 16th century atmosphere un-surpassed in other televisual work on the period.

A jewel the already heavy crown of BBC drama, Wolf Hall is an immense success and an awe inspiring watch.

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By George Storr


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