Game Of Thrones: Season 7 – An alternative trailer from Comic-Con

Comic-Con has been full of great trailers and fan service, some arguing that this year has topped all others. So to stand out from the crowd something different must be attempted and HBO, never one to hold back, presented a teaser trailer for Game of Thrones Season 7 but it’s perhaps not the trailer you would expect…

With Season Six ending only a few weeks ago with an emphatic and explosive crescendo the fruit of months of labour and craft, it was certainly a trailer not expected from HBO for a while. News this week from HBO was that the new series will come out in summer 2017 and filming is moving to Iceland as winter has officially come.

So, I hear you cry, the new trailer surely could not offer an insight yet? It can’t contain any awe inspiring battles? Or any more plot twists? Well, no.

In fact it did not even try to give an indication of the future story but instead, it interestingly showed a side of things fans perhaps forget about; the production of the sets and weaponry. An incredibly detailed world has been constructed, if not on location then at the studios in Northern Ireland, and an attention to detail is revealed in the trailer, the likes of such not seen since the production of Lord of the Rings and the vast armoury that came with it.

Despite this exciting new insight and the reminders of the past, the trailer could not escape the sense of finality…

The trailer is accompanied by narration from some of the main characters of Season Six, an echo of the stories that the incredible sets have bore witness too recently. Sansa, Cersei, Qyburn, Ramsay and Tyrion feature with some of this memorable dialogue, now a ghostly accompaniment to this insight into Game of Thrones. Do not watch the trailer if you have not seen the latest season as the voices remind us of some of the biggest moments from recent episodes.

However despite this exciting new insight and the reminders of the past the trailer could not escape the sense of finality, of a conclusion coming; the set being built for what could be the last time for some of it as the Game of Thrones nears an end and stories come to an end. The swords look to be sharpened for one final clash and the rows of spears look as if they are sat in an expectant armoury for a battle. For a trailer that does not directly tell us anything about how the end final two series’ of Game of Thrones will end this trailer certainly makes it clear that the stage is set (and built) and that this HBO classic is orchestrating the final moves of “The Great Game”.

By Arran Byers

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