Preview: Jason Bourne

So, Jason Bourne knows who he is now and we’re getting another Matt Damon Bourne film to follow, (and hopefully make up for,) the underwhelming The Bourne Legacy. Set for release at the end of July this latest outing, known simply as Jason Bourne, looks set to deliver the quick-thinking, hard-hitting spy back into the fray. What can audiences expect from Bourne’s latest mission?

The plot sees Bourne resurface after his disappearance, (which audiences saw at the end of The Bourne Ultimatum,) in the midst of civil unrest, which we see mask his activities in the trailer. The hunt for Bourne is renewed with a new vigour though as Matt Damon is called back into the all action role.

At a glance the initial impression is that Jason Bourne is going to be very much of the same mould as the previous Damon instalments of the series. There are car chases, foot chases, secret agents, suspense and brawls aplenty. The trailer also shows a bareknuckle boxing scene that looks likely to portray Bourne’s time in self-imposed exile following his disappearance. It’s reminiscent of the Skyfall scene that sees Bond trapping scorpions under whisky tumblers in a tropical bar, at least in that it serves the same slightly clichéd purpose for the films plot.

Paul Greengrass takes the directorial chair, he returns to the series, previously directing The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. While this film looks a little predictable in its offering, the action sequences, under the direction of Greengrass, will doubtless be amazing once again. Equally his work on Captain Phillips showed his skill in creating tension and demonstrates that he can offer more to the film than the explosive action we expect from Bourne.

Jason Bourne1.jpeg

Tommy Lee Jones enters the mix this time out and his steely on-screen persona is sure to suit the role of CIA Director Robert Dewey. Jones’ has featured in a wide range of genres and even directed some of his own films, including The Homesman most recently. He seems immensely well suited to this action-packed outing though and will add some welcome gravitas to the task force resuming the Jason Bourne chase.

By George Storr

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