Preview: Bleed for This

Bleed for This, set for November release in the US, is an upcoming biographical boxing film telling the story of Vinny Paz. The boxer made one of sports’ most remarkable comebacks after suffering a near fatal car crash shortly after claiming the Junior Middleweight World Title. The crash broke his neck and he was informed by doctors that he may never be able to walk again. Only thirteen months after the accident Pazienza took to the ring again in what was perhaps the most amazing comeback in boxing history.

Paz will be played by Miles Teller, the star of 2014’s Whiplash, who had to bulk up considerably for the role as well as growing a moustache, a feat which he, much to his own amusement, found very difficult. Teller’s career is gathering momentum and this latest role will add another, more physical string to his acting bow. As Paz, the films’ centrepiece, this role will demand a lot of Teller and as such Bleed for This could become a pivotal stepping stone in his career. Martin Scorsese is Executive Producer of Bleed for This and the Scorsese-factor is bound to bring a lot of attention to this film and, as a consequence, to Teller.

Hopefully Martin Scorsese’s supervisory role as Executive Producer will help steer the film to success.

Aaron Eckhart, perhaps best known for his role as Harvey Dent in2008’s The Dark Knight, co-stars as Kevin Rooney, Paz’s trainer. Rooney coached Paz to the Light-Middleweight world title and notably trained Heavyweight world champion and boxing icon, Mike Tyson, until his 1988 bout with Michael Spinks. Fans of Eckhart will hope this appearance gives Eckhart a chance for a great performance after his recent appearances in Olympus has Fallen and London Has Fallen were financially successful but critically scrutinised.

Bleed for This.jpg

Ben Younger, the films’ Director, is relatively inexperienced but hopefully Martin Scorsese’s supervisory role as Executive Producer will help steer the film to success. Bleed for This tells a remarkable story of human achievement and could become a pivotal staging point for the career of Miles Teller, (and possibly of Director, Young, as well). For more on Bleed for This– stay tuned to Maverick Film.

By George Storr

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