5 Ridiculous and Fantastic Items of Film Merchandise

There’s some real gems of film merchandise out there, here’s a few great examples available now, picked out by Maverick Film.

5. Star Wars fans- you want to use the force. Of course you do. Well, Forbidden Planet are offering a mug that lets you ‘harness the power of the force’ to stir your coffee. Not only will this save you time and washing up, it finally answers the question we were all asking- ‘Why do we never see Darth Vader stir his tea?’


edited force mug


4. Who doesn’t want to see everyone’s favourite gangster, Al Pacino, as an owl? (Another one of those frequently asked questions.) Well now you can!

Owl Pacino.jpg

3. This unreleased Dark Knight film poster, signed by Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger amongst others, is brilliant. We think though that the way the signatures seem like part of the image, as if they were written on the same surface the Joker is writing on, makes it even better.

Why So Serious.jpg

2. Simple, effective, poster spoofing. This is perfect.

Jurassic Pug.jpg

1.A Batman Bat-h Duck, because it’s essentials like these that help your everyday life run smoothly. As Hawkins Bazaar’s website puts it: “Billionaire bath duck by day, crime fighting vigilante by night, this dark duck rises (and indeed floats) on the water’s surface when dropped in the tub.”

batttt duck

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By George Storr

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