Star Wars Episode VII: What to Expect

Not a terribly long time ago, in this very galaxy, it was announced that three new Star Wars movies would see theatrical release following LucasFilms being eaten up by the many-headed beast better known as Disney. It became known that the trilogy would take place after the original, that J.J. Abrams would be directing the first installment, The Force Awakens, and that all other information would be slowly drip fed over the course of as long a time possible. This nostalgic trail of breadcrumbs has had fans new and old alike salivating over the prospect of a new Star Wars installment.

star wars epVII

There hasn’t exactly been a shortage of new Star Wars material in the years following the prequel trilogy. Star Wars Rebels, which airs on Disney X D, is currently popular with a wide variety of age groups. Star Wars: The Old Republic holds a loyal, modest-sized player-base despite, or perhaps because of, deviations from the original canon of the movies. Ever since the events of Phantom Menace, despite all of the criticism the film drew from fans, the various George Lucas companies have churned out a variety of hit-and-miss content. (A moment of silence for the beautiful animation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and their non-asthmatic version of General Grievous before continuing, please.)

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The two teaser-trailers that presently exist amount to a little over three minutes of video, though this is a generous statement as the first of the two had plenty of deliberate cut-to-black moments. As with any fandom with a strong, established base and plenty of well-developed lore, there was no small amount of controversy surrounding this blink-of-an-eye worth of new details regarding The Force Awakens. The first of the two videos seems to be far guiltier of causing such ire, as a black Storm Trooper and energy blades as part of a light sabers handguard became the target for a barrage of disappointment and irritation on behalf of some of the series’ most die-hard fans. Teaser number two provides audiences with plenty of reason for apprehension with appearances by much of the Skywalker family-line, as well as Han Solo and Chewbacca. Noteworthy, however, was how little real information or substance these videos provided. They were very much ‘teaser’ trailers.

The two brief teasers, though limited in the scope of the information they provide, are enough fuel to the fire of curiosity.

Rabid fan or not, it’s hard to look at The Force Awakens without feeling that something grand, full of potential and excitement, is about to happen. J.J. Abrams’ creative wisdom and flair for breath-taking, larger-than-life sequences, whether they be dramatic, action-oriented, or otherwise, blended with Disney’s veritable boatloads of cash are strong grounds for giving this movie the benefit of the doubt. The two brief teasers, though limited in the scope of the information they provide, are enough fuel to the fire of curiosity prior to any actual movies being released based on snippets of old being rehashed with shiny, new things. The fact that the props department fabricated a spherical robot that actually functions in ways that would have caused George Lucas to drool had it been available back in the day is really just the galaxy-themed frosting on this already delightfully nerdy cake of potential greatness.

When all is said and done, the only real way anyone will know how well the Force awakens from its apparent slumber will be once Christmas rolls around and it hits the silver screen (or, of course, if anyone leaks it prematurely, Game of Thrones Style, and plays the role of the Grinch who spoiled Christmas’ blockbuster movie).

By Phil Gorski

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