Preview: Allied

Allied 1

Set against the traumatic background of World War Two, Allied looks set to be a tense spy thriller enhanced by the prestige of Brad Pitt and the considerable talent of Marion Cotillard. The film follows the relationship between intelligence officer Max Vatan and French Resistance member Marianne Beausejour, from their first encounter with each other in North Africa and the resultant passionate affair through to their reunion in 1940s London. Allied is directed by Robert Zemeckis, most famous for the cult classic Forrest Gump in 1994 and known as a pioneer of special effects – so some impressive recreation of wartime atmosphere can hopefully be expected.

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“I was an extra in Trainspotting 2”

Trainspotting 1

As many know by now, filming for Trainspotting 2 has just finished with the production transitioning into post for a 2017 release.  I was lucky enough to be an extra for a few scenes in the film, one inside on a dance-floor and another outside a club in Edinburgh.  There were many volunteers for a larger club scene that night also, but only around 50 people were paid extras.  This is one of the boons of being a major blockbuster, people actively want to give up their time to contribute and be involved, or to see famous faces.  As a paid extra I got a thrilling insight into some of the inner workings of the production…

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Clique: the new Skins? INTERVIEW


Clique is an upcoming BBC drama set around Edinburgh University and written by Jess Brittain. Brittain was part of the writing team for Skins and as a result many have come to see Clique as the spiritual successor to the popular and long running series. Clique will take an entirely different format though, appearing as a mini-series and in an online-only format. Equally, while it will still be examining young people’s issues, its university setting will make Clique quite different to its predecessor. At first glance Clique looks promising and well worth further examination, so Maverick Film spoke to writer Jess Brittain to get the low-down…

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Preview: Dunkirk


Dunkirk is an upcoming war epic directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh and Harry Styles, making his feature film acting debut – and what a way to kick things off. Nolan’s next film being a war epic should be enough to get you excited all on its own, but the fact that the narrative will focus on the infamous Dunkirk evacuation of 1940 – ‘the miracle of Dunkirk’ to many – as well as featuring such a promising and generally proven cast means that Dunkirk will be one more than worth seeing in the cinema.

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Review: Lights Out


It’s not often that a horror film comes out and has a unique, original premise. So many times aspects of horror are recycled and regurgitated but fail to impress. It’s always refreshing, then, when a film does do something differently. With director David F. Sandberg’s first feature length film, Lights Out, there is an original idea that should hit home with mostly everyone: the fear of the dark.

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