Avengers: Infinity War – A looming triumph or disaster?


In terms of cinematic releases, Avengers: Infinity Wars feels like it’s still ages away. Depending on who you ask, it will be an uphill battle—despite being a star-studded, hero-bloated titan looming, well, madly in the distance—because the last Avengers film, Age of Ultron, was not terribly well-loved (despite James Spader providing his signature, gravel-in-a-blender voice to the titular villain). Civil War also set the bar so high that even a nearly-perfectly executed Infinity Wars could end up practically limbo-ing beneath the standards set by the battle between Team Iron Man and Team Captain America.

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Mel Gibson to direct Suicide Squad 2?


There are times when fans are given a treat by the universe in the form of a real, unexpected win. Heath Ledger’s particular take on The Joker, for instance. Not many seemed to expect a great deal from it, and audiences were absolutely blown away by how he morphed into a comics-to-screen portrayal of The Clown Prince of Crime. He was darkly comical, he was frightening, and he was, above all else, undoubtedly The Joker. And fans breathed a sigh of relief before collectively, at least for the most part, celebrating.

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Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events: Intelligent or Irksome?


The recent Netflix remake of A Series of Unfortunate Events maintains the sophistication and uniqueness of the original novels, but has some glaring superficial flaws. Despite some excellent supporting characters, beautiful sets, and Neil Patrick Harris at his absolute finest, the Baudelaire children risk ruining the show with their tedious self-righteousness and complete lack of humour. However, the series gently promotes a practical attitude towards life which could well come in handy in 2017. This is without a doubt a children’s tale, but the morals it contains are also relevant to an adult audience.

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